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Homstead Pottery
High Fired Functional Art


Erik Homstead has been making functional, wheel-thrown ceramics since high school. His work is often recognized by intricate geometric designs that are stamped in the pieces. The clay body is a high-fire stoneware, which is fired to over 2300 degrees fahrenheit. Each piece is signed on the bottom with a carved fractal design, similar to the one at the top of this site.

In addition to kitchen related pottery such as bowls, mugs, spoon rests, and pie plates, Erik enjoys creating pottery that incorporates plants into his work. As a nature enthusiast and tree expert, this is where he finds the most inspiration and artistic creativity. He enjoys making various planters, bonsai pots, fountains, and more.


The studio is now located in Belchertown, MA, and is undergoing some minor renovations before being officially open for business. Follow Homstead Pottery on Facebook for the latest updates.

All of the pottery is food, microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe when applicable. Hope you will enjoy it!


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